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    Manufacturer of custom firearms

  • Custom AR builds of any type using all top  rated components built to individual customer specifications. 

  • Full rivet AK47/AK74 builds using Nodak Spud premium receivers with each barrel  journal  precisely turned then pulled into  front trunnion, not pressed All other barrel components pulled, aligned  and pinned. All metal surfaces blasted with 125 grit aluminum oxide then military parkerized using magnesium phosphate.        Our AK builds are simply the highest quality that can be bought for any price, anywhere, bar none!

  • Custom built 1911 and all makes of pistols


  •  Metal and Wood Finishing

  •  Media blasting using 125 grit  aluminum oxide and glass bead.

  •  Bluing with high polish, satin finish  or  matt finish.

  •  Military grade parkerizing using  magnesium phosphate bath.

  •  Sprayed on/baked on Gun Kote finishes.

  •  Hand rubbed wood refinishing using  polyureathane, Tru Oil, carnuba, b.l.o.  and other finishes.            

  •  Complete restorati

  • Model 1911 pistols set up for  carry or target. Ejection port lowered and flared. Trigger tuning. Accessory rails installed.





      Gunsmithing and Services

  •  General firearm repairs and parts  replacement on most any firearm.

  •  Machine work: engine lathe-milling  machine-threading-surface grinding. 

  •  Welding: mig-tig-brazing-silversolder. 

  •  Muzzle brakes installed. 

  •  Barrel crown re-cuts to 11 degree target  or recess type. 

  •  Any type optic installed and bore  sighted.      

  •  Trigger work.

  •  Recoil pad installation.

  •  Adjustable butt plate installation.

  •  Asjustable stock comb installation.

  •  Recoil reduction ststem installation.

  •  Re barreling.

  •  Barrel re chambering.

  •  .22 r/f barrel sleeving.

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